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Tight Tolerances for Mechanical Seals

High quality mechanical seals last longer.

Tight tolerances for mechanical seals

Leonard Machine is a precision CNC machining services company that has been around for over 40 years. They produce precision machined parts for some of the largest suppliers of industrial and environmental machinery such as pumps, valves, and seals.

Leonard received an inquiry from one of their top customers for a new mechanical seal requiring exceptional reliability and standardization to accommodate a wide variety of industrial applications and equipment.

All mechanical seals serve the same essential purpose: sealing a rotating shaft where it enters a stationary casing or vessel. The standardized products are produced by various manufacturers which can be installed on a wide range of applications with no additional engineering required. But when it comes to design and quality, not all seals are created equal.

As an ISO certified manufacturing company, Leonard knows quality.

Finishing Mechanical Seals

While they could easily produce their customer’s part, Leonard needed some external help to comply with the specification’s extremely tight finishing tolerances.

Leonard’s CEO, Charles Peek, sent out a referral request for a first-rate lapping company to his network of machining professionals.

With a reputation for high quality precision lapping, Trilap was recommended. Trilap completed the initial order in a day to the exact specifications for size, parallel and finish.

· Size .138 to .142 (inches)

· Parallel .0002

· Finish – 16 RMS or better

Charles and Leonard’s customer were pleased with the results and followed up with another larger order soon after.

“We needed extremely tight finish tolerances for a new part and were referred to Trilap from an industry colleague,” stated Charles Peek, CEO of Leonard Machine, “I would recommend Trilap to anyone. They do what they say, they get the order out on time and it’s accurate.”

Trilap Precision Finishing

Trilap has become the preeminent leader in precision lapping and grinding for aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial applications. No one else can provide a higher level of precision or deliver it as fast. Click here for more information about our services or contact us with any questions.


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