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Precision Finishing Lapping Servi
Precision Finishing Lapping Servi

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Trilap specializes in flat lapping and grinding for manufacturers of aerospace, defense, medical and industrial applications. 


With specialized equipment and the finest craftsmanship of experienced engineers and technicians, we have earned a reputation for consistency, precision, and timely delivery. 


We provide uniform flat surface finishing that includes lapping, fine grinding, and polishing to achieve precise thickness, flatness, and surface finish.  You can rely on Trilap to recommend the most cost-effective processes that will accomplish the highest quality and desired results.

In addition to traditional single-sided lapping processes, we also offer fine grinding, also known as double-sided lapping. Operating on the same principle as standard lapping, fine grinding works both sides of the part simultaneously.  This process uses a bonded abrasive plate rather than a loose abrasive and moving the parts in an orbital motion between the plates.  Double-sided fine grinding makes it possible to produce parallel flatness on both sides of a product.

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Flat Lapping & Grinding Capabilities

With our expertise and specialized equipment, Trilap offers extensive precision lapping and grinding capabilities, including:

  • Single-side, double-side (planetary), and two-piece lapping and polishing of a wide range of materials to tolerances of:

< .00005 on thickness

< .00001 on flatness

< .00002 on parallelism

  • Surface and non-flat configurations

  • Specialized grinding of small parts (5 x 10)

Flat Lapping & Grinding Materials

We have experience with a wide range of materials.  Following are some of the metals we commonly process at Trilap. If your design calls for different or unusual materials, send us an inquiry or give us a call.


  • Alloy 42

  • Aluminum

  • Brass

  • Bronze: CA674, SAE 660, C63200

  • Carbide

  • Castings: Alloy 852.0, Alum Alloy 356, Vanasil AA393

  • Cast irons such as: Meehanite, Ductile, Dura-Bar

  • Copper

  • CPM 10v

  • Hastelloy

Flat Lapping & Grinding Equipment

Our 10,000-square-foot, environmentally controlled facility in Lowell, Massachusetts is equipped with a wide range of specialized equipment.

  • DoAll 618 Hydraulic Surface Grinder with coolant

  • 2 Brown & Sharpe Micromaster Surface Grinders

  • Scotchman/Bewo Model CPO LT Circular Cold Saw

  • Branson Automated B950R Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser with Power Cover

  • 2 Hyprez 42" Pneumatic Lappers with water-cooled table

  • 3 C&B 24" Pneumatic Lappers

  • 4 Special Planetary (two-sided) Lapping Machines

  • Dayton 5 H.P. Compressor 

  • Granite Surface Plates:

  • 3 - 18 x24

  • 1 - 24 x 36

  • 6 - 12 x 18

  • Haynes 282

  • Invar

  • Kovar

  • Peek

  • Ryton

  • Stainless Steel: 303, 304, 316 and more

  • Steel

  • Tantalum

  • Titanium

  • Tungsten Carbide

  • Ultem

Inspection Equipment

Our inspection equipment ensures that your parts are precise to the required specifications.

  • Micro-Vu Comparator Model H14/DRO .0001 with 20x lens, quad protractor screen

  • 2 Monochromatic Lights with Quartz Optical Flats, assorted sizes from 1” to 8”

  • Mitutoyo Surftest-301 Profilometer

  • Starrett Bench Micrometer

  • Mitutoyo Height Gage

  • Mitutoyo 81 pc Gage Blocks

  • Micrometers

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