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Precision Finishing Lapping Servi
Precision Finishing Lapping Servi

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Trilap has become the preeminent leader in precision lapping and grinding for aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial applications. No one else can provide the high level of quality that our engineers and finishing technicians achieve—or deliver it as fast.


When you need a zero-defect product with a short lead time, Trilap is THE choice for you. Decades of focused experience in the highly specialized field of precision finishing have put Trilap in a class by itself. We consistently attain precision levels of < .00005 on thickness, < .00001 on flatness, and < .00002 on parallelism, with fast turnaround times of two weeks or less—often just days!


Along with fast turnaround, competitive pricing, and product quality reflecting the finest American craftsmanship, exceptional customer service sets Trilap apart from our competitors. From prototype to full production, and every step along the way, our skilled engineers and support staff are ready to help you with your design needs and answer your questions.  The result is the most gratifying and productive collaboration you’ll find anywhere.


The highest quality. The tightest tolerances. Fair and competitive pricing. Design assistance from the best engineers in the business. Friendly and knowledgeable customer service provided by people who understand your specialized needs. When you need the very best precision lapping and grinding work for aerospace, defense, medical, or industrial applications—and you need it quickly—the choice is clear.


Try Trilap, and you’ll never look elsewhere again!



We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

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