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Applications for Lapping Service

Applications for Lapping Service

In general, applications for lapping services are those that require precisely smooth, flat surfaces, tight control of thinness, highly polished ends, tight length tolerances and/or parallelism.

A deceptively straightforward process yet precise, lapping is most frequently used on parts that require tight control of thickness and parallelism.

The process produces dimensionally accurately flat parts to high tolerances, generally less than 2.5 μm uniformity. Lapping can also be used to fix surface irregularities and remove damage caused by other processes.

Depending on the material and application for the part, precision flat lapping can be one-sided or two-sided.

One-sided lapping machines lap one side of a part. The parts being lapped are held against the surface of the lapping plate by their own weight or by a pressure plate with hand weights or pneumatic down pressure. Two-sided lapping machines lap both sides of a part simultaneously. The parts being processed are placed in work holders (carriers) that mesh with inner and outer ring gears to provide a random planetary motion. The tow-sided process is optimal for applications that require very tight parallelism, flatness, and thickness specifications.

Materials for Lapping Applications

Lapping can be performed on most metals, alloys and nonmetallic materials. Examples are listed below:

Aluminum Brass Carbon Ceramic Glass Gold Hardcoated Aluminum Hardened steel Lead Macor Magnesium Molybdenum Phenolic Plastic Platinum Sapphire Silicon Silver Stainless steel Teflon Titanium Tungsten Zinc

Examples of Applications for Lapping Services

Manufacturers who utilize a machine process can rely on lapping to produce components with smooth, flat surfaces. Lapping applications enable the production of metal parts in high quantities. Aerospace, aviation, medical, industrial, optical, toolmaking and even the jewelry industry relies on this process for components used to manufacture their products.

Automotive cylinder heads Automotive engine blocks Blades and knives Compressors Computer components Engine parts Fuel injectors Gearboxes Gears and rotary pumps Heat sinks Hydraulic valves Mechanical seals Metal Shims Pneumatic valves Printing machinery Pumps Sealing surfaces Spacers Steel molds Transmission parts Turbo charger components Valve plates and bodies

Trilap Precision Finishing

Trilap has become the preeminent leader in precision lapping and grinding for aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial applications. No one else can provide a higher level of precision or deliver it as fast. Click here for more information about our services or contact us with any questions.


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