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Lapping Hydraulic Swash Plates

A swash plate is a part used to convert circular motion into reciprocating motion, and vice versa. They are used in many applications, with one of the most recognizable being the helicopter where it is used to adjust the blades to achieve lift and control its position. Many mechanical pumps and grinders may also utilize swash plates.

Lapping Hydraulic Swash Plates

Failed Swash Plates

Precision Hydraulic, Inc. specializes in the sales, diagnosis, repair and testing of hydrostatic systems and components for the heavy equipment Industry.

One of their repair projects required removing the scoring marks from two hydraulic swash plates. Because Precision Hydraulic provides repair services, they have equipment onsite for restoring these types of parts. The dimensions of the swash plates were 9” x 8” and much larger than the parts they typically repair. Their equipment was too small and could not accommodate the size of the parts.

With a recommendation from an industry colleague, one of the company’s owners contacted Trilap. Precision Hydraulic delivered the parts and Trilap performed the lapping services to restore the swash plates to working condition.

“Trilap provided prompt, professional service and we were very satisfied,” said Dennis Barca, Owner of Precision Hydraulic. “We will use them again.”

Trilap Precision Finishing

Trilap has become the preeminent leader in precision lapping and grinding for aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial applications. No one else can provide a higher level of precision or deliver it as fast. Click here for more information about our services or contact us with any questions.


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