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Flat Lapping Lead Times

When flat lapping or outsourcing specialized services are part of your manufacturing processes, supplier lead times can be a strength or a weakness.

Most customers don’t like waiting.

Flat Lapping lead times

Whether that customer is a caller on hold waiting for service, a guest waiting for a table at a restaurant, or a manufacturer with overdue orders waiting for a supplier, waiting can be bothersome.

For manufacturers, extended lead times can be frustrating, but they can also cost you customers and increase the overall cycle-to-cash time. Reducing and accurately forecasting lead times is an important aspect of any manufacturing operation. The shorter your lead time, the more effectively you can run your business.

Lead time management involves evaluating internal and external processes, analyzing data, eliminating non-value-add activities, and taking other actions to intentionally shorten lead times. Ultimately, it requires reducing process times at all levels.

Lapping is an essential step in many manufacturing applications and the right supplier can make all the difference. As the preeminent leader in precision lapping with consistent, ultra-fast lead times, Trilap can be an integral part of your supply chain to improve delivery times, cash flow, and your competitive advantage.

Flat Lapping Surface Finishing

Beyond our remarkably fast turnaround times, Trilap is known for quality and precision. Our highly skilled engineers and finishing technicians have decades of experience specializing in lapping and grinding for a wide range of aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial applications.

Grit size, fluid viscosity, and varying lapping pressure produce a higher or lower material removal rate, a thicker or thinner film, and a rougher or finer surface finish. Trilap’s artisans have the expertise to apply the exact combination of variables to achieve the optimum material removal rate and the tightest tolerances of thickness, flatness, and parallelism.

We deliver the highest quality finishing, super-fast lead times, and competitive pricing. When you need the very best precision lapping and grinding work, the solution is clear.

“Don’t water your weeds.” – Harvey McKay

Contact Trilap for your lapping needs.


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